About Windsor Lifeguards

Old Windsor Lifeguards was started in 1979 by Dave Green and Frank Mortimer who were both involved with the RLSS and involved a local Venture Scout Unit, 7th Windsor Scout Group and the local Methodist Youth Club. A common aim was set - to save lives – and the club established an outstanding reputation through its good work gaining promotion by the Environment Agency (formerly Thames Conservancy), local councils and through local charitable organisations.


Members used to meet on Bath Island, Windsor - which continues to be used by our members today (although we now use swimming pools for our weekly training) and ICL Beaumont, Old Windsor. When ICL re located, new training premises were found for the Rookies at St. John’s Beaumont School, Old Windsor and the Senior members of the club trained at Eton College, but hat also have relocaed to St. John's Beaumont Shool.


In 2009 the decision was taken to change the name of the club from Old Windsor Lifeguards to Windsor Lifeguards, to reflect the area around which our members come from and where we participate in patrols.