Senior Lifesaving (Age 12+)

The Survive & Save Programme is our lifesaving award scheme for anyone aged 12 years and over. The awards are challenging but fun to complete and are arranged into Bronze, Silver and Gold levels to ensure that participants get the opportunity to develop their lifesaving skills as they progress through the awards.

The awards teach lifesaving rescue, self-rescue, survival, and lifesaving sport skills, and also develop swimming ability and fitness.

These awards are trained in the pool and combine swimming pool based skills with a selection of the skills and theory from the Beach and Stillwater awards.

In the pool, your rescue and survival skills will be developed and your ability to deal with emergency situations will be tested with a range of emergency scenarios. You will also get the opportunity to learn CPR (resuscitation), First Aid and lifesaving sport techniques, as each Medallion Award requires further development of these skills of these skills.

The Bronze, Silver and Gold awards progressively teach more challenging and more advanced lifesaving skills, as you become more and more skilled as a lifesaver.


Whether you're looking to lose some weight, build some muscle or just stay healthy, swimming in lifesaving is some of the most rigorous sport you can undertake! With regular sessions and with teaching which is great for all swimming abilities you would fit straght in!

Making Friends

The senior group at Windsor Lifeguard club is more than just a group, you will make friends and spend time with new and interesting people! A real opportunity to make some great friends and learn skills with them! You will find friends with similar abilities and no previous experience is required!


Whether you're looking to learn something new or build on existing skills this opportunity is perfect for you! No previous experience is required and for the more experienced group we have more experienced exams.

Everybody and anybody is welcome, whatever the age, fitness or ability. Even if this is for the Duke of Edinburgh Award or just wanting to learn something that will help you save a life you can be assured that you will learn everything you need to know and much much more!


Survive & Save - Medalion Awards

The Strands

There are four award areas to experience, the Medallion Awards, the Beach Awards, the Stillwater Awards and the Sport Awards and you can choose to specialise in one area or learn a broader range of skills by completing multiple awards.

The highest achievement in the Survive & Save Programme is the Distinction Award, which is awarded to those who achieve 3 Gold Level awards within a 24-month period.

Working through the programme

The examples below show two different pathways through the awards:

Example 1

Shows a new candidate following a simple pathway through the Medallion Lifesaving Awards.

Example 2

Shows a candidate who has previous lifesaving experience. This candidate has started the awards at silver level, first taking the Silver and Gold Beach Lifesaving Awards, and then diversifying into the Medallion and Stillwater awards.

If the candidate can demonstrate sufficient skills and relevant experience they may start the programme at the Silver Level. Candidates may wish to back purchase the Bronze Level in that strand after successful completion of their Silver Level without the need for re-assessment.